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A couple of years ago I found a challenge to submit a 25 Word story. I can’t remember what website it was on, but I submitted a few stories. 
I stumbled across the stories yesterday and I thought they were good pieces – I couldn’t believe I wrote them!?

Here they are:

Become One
The dichotomy is expressive and colourful vs professional and calculating. To join them proudly is challenging.   Two halves give birth to a fulfilled, whole being.

Begin with atmosphere and lightning? Impossible.   Yet here we are – conscious. There is a force, yet unnamed, that really drives life. Open your mind.

U Roq
A spirit is born. Hair of fire and liquid elegance. S/he battles the enemies of progress: exploding ignorance, dousing anger and always, always seeing beauty.

a poem of graitude

of the heavens
I experience everyday.

There are droplets of water,
each a prism.

a child’s profile.

And feelings….
all of them?

Most of them.
To feel is to live
even as a worm.

A train goes by –
a symbol of enterprise, hardwork and childhood.

We all covet success,
yet are bitter towards those
who are successful
beyond our dreams.

Facsimile of a poem by Aritsune

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