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Journey with Arnel Pineda

The band Journey with lead singer Arnel Pineda

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey?  I am sure there are a few, but most people I know love it.  It is a ballad for the ages, and Steve Perry has a fantastic voice.

The story of Journey’s current resurgence in popularity and the discovery of their current lead singer all starts with YouTube 🙂

In the 90’s Steve Perry split from Journey permanently and the band was in limbo for many years.  Hiring lead singers then splitting up.  They did a few tours with these replacements but nothing clicked.

Then, in June 2007, Neal Schon of Journey, saw a video of Arnel Pineda of the Philippines doing covers of Journey songs with his band the Zoo.  He was invited to audition in California and on Dec 5 2007 he was officially announced as the new lead singer of Journey!

Arnel had a long and moderately successful music career in Asia.  He had some successes – recording with Warner Brothers in 1999, and low points – living on the streets for a couple years as a teenager.  He has been the lead singer for Journey now for 5 years, their latest album, Revelations, went Platinum and the band is excited about the chemistry they have and are looking forward to the future.

The moral of the story.  It is astounding how social media has made the world so much smaller.  A few search terms and a little patience and you can find people who resonate with you anywhere in the world.  Arnel probably never would have been discovered if it wasn’t for the reach of YouTube.

It seems that the smaller your niche, the more power social media holds for you.

If you have a rare illness, the internet is often the first place you find clues, answers and peers.  If you are an artist with a flare for online presentation – you can find your audience.

To use social media effectively, to the point of outrageous success like Arnel Pineda or Gangnam Style is not a formula that you can easily replicate.  Each success is easy to analyze in retrospect, but impossible to predict.  It reminds me of the books Outliers or Blue Ocean Strategy – both analyze success stories with the impeccable perspective of hindsight.  But is it possible to use any of those lessons to create your own unimaginable success?

All those stories are out there – the carrot on the stick.  Be creative, keep trying, be true to yourself and put yourself out there again and again and again.

To see a remarkable video of Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry singing together (Steve in a video – not on stage), to appreciate how remarkable the match is, watch this: