Re-posted from – this project is my focus right now!  If you live in Kamloops you need to be part of this 🙂

There is some fantastic work going on around us!  From donating blood, to helping neighbours, to fundraising, to chairing events.  Here is the list:

Spirit Razors 7,882
Team City of Kamloops 1 7,609
Team Pay It Forward 7,478
All Russian & No Finnish 2,932
The Giving Green Team 2,546
Team TS Crew 1,799
Team Kamloops Fire & Rescue 1,670
Team * Fantastic 1,174
Jen Leredrock 791
Jampact 573
BMR Can Crushers 559
Team Fresh Inc 541
Republic of Congo Bongos 493
Team TRU Advancement 432
The Young Guns 243
Surrey Saviours 161
The Dream Team  time to enter your points…

Remember, this is a ‘per capita’ points tally – all the points earned by the team divided by the number of team members.

Some highlights:

  • Team * Fantastic answered the call several time to help out when agencies reached out to the CSR Olympics with requests for help
  • Team City of Kamloops had a member be the volunteer chair for the RIH Foundation Gala
  • The teams from NRI have tallied up a combined 13,418 points – imagine the total impact those employees have on the community!
  • The Boob Tour ( is chaired by a member of the Pay it Forward team
  • CSR Olympic team members volunteered over 200 hours at RibFest (and counting – not everyone has entered their hours yet)
  • The Giving Green team is almost completely responsible for the success of theICS Ending Youth at Risk fundraising event

Keep ‘em coming.  And if you want to support all this good work – buy a ticket to the FUNraiser on Sept 7th to celebrate with the teams (ticket for sale online: