You can find all the info you need about this SnM Party here or on the Facebook invite; and if you are super hip you can follow the hashtag #SnMKuromi on Twitter.

SnM T-Shirt - Crock of ShirtWe have Crock of Shirt designed shirts for sale this year!  Which is great, but even better – you can order your shirt (size & colour) at the party before 8pm and they will be delivered to the SnM party at 10pm!!  Impulse purchases are the best 🙂   T-shirts are $25 and come in red, grey, black & pink.  A portion of the t-shirt sales will go to the Rob Horne Scholarship.


Link to the Propositions Pool $5 per entry, you can enter as many times as you like – even if you can’t attend the party.   All entry fees go to the Rob Horne Scholarship.



July 20th at the Kuromi Residence
Pool & keg open at noon
Dinner at 6pm
Kids welcome until 8pm

We are going to play a few games you may not have heard of – like Björrsbie and Neglin – and we will be setting up a virtual video link to parties in Iceland, and possibly in France & Fiji, to get us all together again.  The favorites will be back as well, including the money wheel and the fear-factor milkshake.

Crack the keg at noon and it goes until…   Kids welcome until 8pm and bring your bathing suit.

Dinner is BBQ chicken legs, whole carrots and celery, baby potatoes on a stick, fresh buns & dessert squares.  In the Viking spirit eating only with your hands is encouraged – but there will be some plates & cutlery available for the faint of heart.

$25 entrance fee gets you in.
$15 for dinner.  RSVP to by Wed. July 17th at 5pm



(September ‘n Mike)