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My deep thought of the day. If you aren’t on a Mastery Path in some area of your life, you are simply, slowly declining….

Mastery Curve

Mastery Curve

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I have been toying the idea of writing a blog article everyday for awhile.  It seems like an interesting exercise in creativity – but to what end, why?  Suddenly, tonight – just before midnight – I have decided it is a good idea.

I am proud of my business is shaping up, but I feel like I filter my messages, filter me, when I am in my business space.  I have totally embraced the the “this is me – ALL of me” approach yet.  So I keep my personality neatly sectioned  – but not isolated.  My blog is listed on my business website ( and my art website ( and they all link to each other.  So I am not hiding any part of me – just putting one foot forward at any given time.

Tonight – I am braising ribs for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Starting cooking at 9pm and they just came out of the oven.  Some good friends, who are also really successful business owners, are coming for dinner tomorrow.  I am ‘interviewing’ them for some articles I hope to run in one of the local papers – I am writing about company’s that are leading the way in terms of CSR/community involvement.

Oh – and I heard a fantastic bit of advice today – a quote I guess.  It is from Marie Forleo ( and it goes something like this:  Operate like you can’t make a mistake.  Whatever it is your doing, imagine there is no possibility of doing anything wrong.

I love it – I am suddenly liberated to move on some things that I was nervous about….


Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies


Recently I heard the phrase – ‘…do what makes your eyes sparkle’.  I can picture a content face, a smirk and the laugh lines around sparkling eyes.

It was such a  vivid image I wanted it to stay.  How can I have that feeling all the time?

Eyes don’t sparkle while watching tv – unless you are laughing.   Eyes don’t sparkle when you are commuting in your car – unless you have friend driving and you are telling he how cool your weekend will be.  Eyes don’t sparkle when you are stressed and concentrating – until the magical solution comes together.

How can I see these opportunities all the time.  At least everyday – I know they are there.  Last night my eyes sparkled at freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Today, when I finished my run I felt light and loose, but I don’t think I was sparkling.

So here is my challenge to myself.  I will find one thing everyday that sparkles and I will smile, and I will write it down.  7 days, 7 diamonds.  I will report back.

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