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My deep thought of the day. If you aren’t on a Mastery Path in some area of your life, you are simply, slowly declining….

Mastery Curve

Mastery Curve

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I recently had a revelation that our purpose in life is to create.

At a basic, biological level we are driven to create life – i.e. children.  But even as we evolve and it gets more complicated, that drive to create something is much stronger than many people give credit.

For those of you who do spend time creating – be it paintings, or technology architecture solutions, or coaching – when do you feel most fulfilled?  When do you most  feel like you are contributing to life?  For me it is when I put a magnificent idea into action, or when I step back and look at a lovely drawing I created.  Those creative products make me feel like my unique being contributed something to life in a big picture way.  Art, process changes, powerful words, new life, new products – these creative outputs live on without their creator and are the summary of someone’s purpose.

There is a certain satisfaction in getting a job done.  There is a measure of happiness that comes with enjoying a vacation.  There is certainly a feeling of gratification after a great conversation, or movie.  And winning an important sports match will have you laughing and celebrating for hours.  But making something that will exist independently of you and is unique to your personality truly connects to your purpose – and you can feel it.

As someone who worked in computers in the corporate world for years – I can recall the times that I felt like I was using my gifts to create something (and that was the minority of the time).  Those times did indeed fuel my fire for long periods of time.

Now that I own my business and have ‘come out’ as an artist – I spend much more time being creative, and I can feel it.  I actually feel the urge to exercise that muscle now if I have been doing straight forward activities for too long.

I have 3 kids – so it is easy for me to say that my main purpose in this lifetime is be a great parent.  But this creative purpose is much harder to put words on – but it is so important.  You don’t need to be able to draw to be creative – you just need to be open to the massive array of thoughts that bubble up in your brain.  And honour them!

Maybe you feel an urge to write poetry once in a while?  Take a secret notebook and write.  As you become more comfortable in your words, you may share it one day.  If you are lucky enough to encounter people who resonate with your words, you will feel a joy almost as lovely as becoming a parent.  Do you always have ideas on how to do something better – at work or in the world?  Pick one idea per year to put out there.  Investigate it, see what it would take to implement, look for partners.  Imagine the feeling of accomplishment that would come with a successful implementation.

I will go a step further – it is this power of creativity that is the apex of evolution and has made humans the dominant species.  Using a round rock as a wheel or using fire to cook food wasn’t learned or instinct – it was creativity.  As long we stay with what we already know everyday, all day, we stop evolving.  And as soon as we push our own envelope, even a little bit, we start to feel our place in this life.  The more you explore your creative skills, the more energy you put towards it, the more you evolve personally, and become more connected to yourself and the planet.

There is one caveat to all this.  Creative thinking is only step one.  As a creative infant – it will be a wonderful masterpiece, but once you have mastered thinking, it is no longer really being creative and it won’t bring you much joy.  You need put it into some kind of action, some kind of commitment, you need to get it out there.  Any career graphic artist will tell you that designing within the same box over and over again stops feeling creative – even if they still produce amazing work.  Your creative muscle is strongest on the edge of your comfort zone.

Go ahead – learn the meaning of life.  It is within you.

I missed a day.  My daughter was up late last night with terrible headaches and doing my daily blog just wasn’t important.  But I do feel the need to continue the challenge.  I attended a motivational talk Bob Molle ( tonight – and I need to think about an answer to ‘why’ this challenge is important to me…

I was pretty impressed with Bob.  I have quite a few ex-olympic friends who make a portion of living sharing their secrets to success and I never bore of listening to them.

To be fair, I don’t think I can share all Bob’s secrets in my blog.  But the top two takeaways without at looking at my notes are important to share – as they will become part of my philosophy.

The first one is that everyone should know their top-3 strengths and why they are good at them.  In addition, people should focus on other people’s strengths – specifically parents and teachers when talking to their kids.  His example is a report card that looks like this: A-, A-, B, B, D – what do people, especially parents and teachers focus on??  How do you improve your D?  Screw that – when you get older you can outsource your D.  Focus on your A’s – celebrate them and develop them!  Focusing strengths, yours and others, is the biggest key to success.

The other learning was with regard to goal setting.  Everyone know how to write specific goal with dates – blah, blah heard it before.  He calls this the Functional layer of the goal.  To run a marathon you need to follow this training plan 1 year out.  It is easy, it is a formula.  The second layer – and this is the one I never considered – is , what he calls, the Being layer.  Most of your proudest accomplishments and best times were achieved with people by your side – family, friends, mentors.  You should consider this when formulating your goal – who needs to be involved?  And finally the Will layer.  Why are you doing this – which loops back to my opening sentence…

Soooo, why am I doing this blog-per-day challenge?  A few reasons…  I want to build on my creativity in general.  Pushing the limits of creative production often produces interesting stuff.  So blogging EVERYDAY, even when I feel totally tapped out for ideas, will inevitably bring about some great, new ideas.  The other reason, honestly is to build a following.  To operate at any kind of international level with my business I need to have a strong community of followers online.

Read the whole  interview here: The Muse A-Faerian Interviews: September Kuromi’s Dual Life.

Real people, magical people, inspired people, people I have the blessing of getting to know through my work, people just like you.   In this series, they will be sharing their trials, tribulations, creative passions and reminding you of your wisdom, wonder, and even ‘normalness’.. for a creative soul, that is.

September Kuromi

Leading a dual life.

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A bit about you?

I am an ex-corporate computer programmer – I love social media, business intelligence and solving impossible programming challenges.  But now – I divide my time between three young kids, creating art and consulting on corporate volunteering/sustainable business practices.

My first love in art is horses – my second love is portraits.  I do commissions and fun pieces in pencil, plus dabbling in painting, sculpting.  I will have a little of everything at the Muse-Affair.


I have been toying the idea of writing a blog article everyday for awhile.  It seems like an interesting exercise in creativity – but to what end, why?  Suddenly, tonight – just before midnight – I have decided it is a good idea.

I am proud of my business is shaping up, but I feel like I filter my messages, filter me, when I am in my business space.  I have totally embraced the the “this is me – ALL of me” approach yet.  So I keep my personality neatly sectioned  – but not isolated.  My blog is listed on my business website ( and my art website ( and they all link to each other.  So I am not hiding any part of me – just putting one foot forward at any given time.

Tonight – I am braising ribs for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Starting cooking at 9pm and they just came out of the oven.  Some good friends, who are also really successful business owners, are coming for dinner tomorrow.  I am ‘interviewing’ them for some articles I hope to run in one of the local papers – I am writing about company’s that are leading the way in terms of CSR/community involvement.

Oh – and I heard a fantastic bit of advice today – a quote I guess.  It is from Marie Forleo ( and it goes something like this:  Operate like you can’t make a mistake.  Whatever it is your doing, imagine there is no possibility of doing anything wrong.

I love it – I am suddenly liberated to move on some things that I was nervous about….

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