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I was prompted to recall a time when I felt gut-wrenching nervousness.  And as I start to gear up for the 3rd (!) Kamloops Timeraiser it is easy to recall such a situation.

When I heard about the Timeraiser – an event created by Framework in Toronto 11 years ago – I thought to myself: ‘this has to come Kamloops’.  After pursuing the Timeraiser organization for over a year to bring their event to Kamloops, they eventually decided they wouldn’t bring here – but I could host it myself.  Awesome – I love hosting parties, but for this particular event I needed money and support.

chequeSo after socializing the idea and finding support, the day actually came when my first sponsor, NRI Distribution, sent me a $5000 sponsorship cheque.

Fear, disbelief, apprehension, insecurity – all welled up inside me.  Are they crazy putting this much faith in me to pull this off?  Can I pull this off?  What I do next?  How do I pay him back if I screw up?  Eek!

But whenever I am under pressure – life becomes clearer…  Just focus on the next step.  I can’t say I felt optimistic or that the fear disappeared, but I knew that if I just kept doing the right steps one after the other I would get the job done.

And I did!  And at some point in the following weeks I started to get excited knowing it would work out.  Those feelings of fear changed to pride, gratitude, excitement, enthusiasm and relief!

Yesterday I turned 40.  According to some, I am now officially 1/2 way to the end.

There used to be a special kind of person who remembered everyone’s birthday every year.  They always called or sent a card – they made sure at least someone remembered you.  I always wanted to be one of those people, but I never remembered to notice birthdays.  Heck, there were a few years that I forgot to call my parents on their birthday.   That would be the difference between those special people and me :S

But now there is Facebook.  And it reminds everyone of everyone’s birthday.  And now all you need to it write Happy Birthday ‘on their wall’ and you can feel like one of those special people.  But how do you pick who to say happy birthday to?  Do you do it for every single ‘friend’?  Only people you like?  Maybe just randomly?  Regardless – the deluge of birthday wishes, with the occasional compliment or poem is actually quite sweet.  As easy as it, I find it touching.  It is making ‘that special  person who always remembers’ something of the past though – kind of like the mixed tapes you used to make for someone when you were flirting with them.

And as a 40 year old, I do feel a little old.  I mainly wonder if I stand out like a sore thumb, or rather like a cougar, at the bar when I go out dancing once in a blue moon.  Or if I can still pretend that I am 20ish and noone notices…

I love my birthday celebration, I love surprises and apparently I will be surprised tomorrow, eek, I am excited.  I love my birthday because it is the only time I get the world to revolve around me.  This is what “I” want for dinner.  This is what “I” want to do today.  Normally I make sure everyone else is happy first – but today (well yesterday, and I will string it out to tomorrow as well) I am a lot more selfish than usual.

So thank for all the birthday wishes.  And Happy Birthday to you too (take it early or belated), because even with Facebook, I will probably forget to wish you Happy Birthday.  And here is to another 40 years 🙂


I am having trouble conveying my business services in an ‘elevator speech’.  The easiest way to get people excited is to tell them a story.  As I spend more time networking, I am telling my story more and more – so I figured I should write it down and perfect it.

Most successful people, business owners included, donate money to causes that touch them.  Whether it is because they have a personal connection or it was the person who last knocked on their door – they usually have a certain amount of income ear marked for community causes.  Small business owners have a special opportunity.

Let’s say you donate $2,000 per year to a number of random charities, some are close to your heart and some your acquaintances have convinced you to support.  But you do it of your own accord out of your business income.

What if, instead of doing your giving independently, you involved all your staff.  You researched what causes are close to to your employee’s hearts and you matched their donation instead.  What if you brought everyone together and picked a few causes to support as a business team.  You would still donate $2,000 per year from your own pocket – but the amount going into the community increases dramatically.   But the real benefit to your business would be that your team dynamics improve, employee loyalty and company pride increase and your impact on these charities is measurable.  Now your $2,000 donation is working for your business as well as improving society.

This where Social Fire can help.  The principal consultant, September Kuromi, is someone with deep community connections, a talent for activating people and creative ideas for business success.  Social Fire can help your business realize the return on your investment into the community.

This is only a simple example story to introduce the concept of Social Fire services.  There is so much potential when a business integrates community causes into its operations, opportunities like: becoming an innovative leader in your field because your business success improves the planet (like Toms Shoes); attracting top talent because they want to be part of your positive energy; or fulfilling your personal dreams of having an impact.

Every business can create wealth and improve society.

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