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I have a new respect for actors.  In the past couple of months I have been on ‘screen’ twice.  Both in a way that would be watched by a lot of people (or at least that was the plan).

Here are some of the things I have learned.

Keep my hands still.  Fidgeting and talking with your hands too much detracts from people’s comprehension of what your saying.  I still have no idea what exactly to do with my hands – where should I put them without looking awkward.  And I think about it the whole time – a silent mantra saying ‘keep me hands still’.  Just like my ‘don’t say “um”‘ mantra.

Smile – a lot.  People who are really focused and serious – look nervous and grumpy.  Smile, smile and smile some more and it looks like you want to be there and are happy to share your message.  This is hard to do when focusing on not moving your hands, or saying um.

It is REALLY hard to speak memorized lines, while smiling, keeping your hands, and not saying um.  For my advertisement video – I read a line of script, then said it out loud from memory.  Who knew if required so much brain capacity to memorize, speak clearly, smile, keep your hands still and not say um!

Like all thing, practice makes it easier.  And I am getting that.  But in the meantime I watch screen personalities with a new respect.  It requires a lot of mental focus to look good on screen.

If you want to judge for yourself – watch my advertisement video:  I would love your feedback – good and bad!

I am having trouble conveying my business services in an ‘elevator speech’.  The easiest way to get people excited is to tell them a story.  As I spend more time networking, I am telling my story more and more – so I figured I should write it down and perfect it.

Most successful people, business owners included, donate money to causes that touch them.  Whether it is because they have a personal connection or it was the person who last knocked on their door – they usually have a certain amount of income ear marked for community causes.  Small business owners have a special opportunity.

Let’s say you donate $2,000 per year to a number of random charities, some are close to your heart and some your acquaintances have convinced you to support.  But you do it of your own accord out of your business income.

What if, instead of doing your giving independently, you involved all your staff.  You researched what causes are close to to your employee’s hearts and you matched their donation instead.  What if you brought everyone together and picked a few causes to support as a business team.  You would still donate $2,000 per year from your own pocket – but the amount going into the community increases dramatically.   But the real benefit to your business would be that your team dynamics improve, employee loyalty and company pride increase and your impact on these charities is measurable.  Now your $2,000 donation is working for your business as well as improving society.

This where Social Fire can help.  The principal consultant, September Kuromi, is someone with deep community connections, a talent for activating people and creative ideas for business success.  Social Fire can help your business realize the return on your investment into the community.

This is only a simple example story to introduce the concept of Social Fire services.  There is so much potential when a business integrates community causes into its operations, opportunities like: becoming an innovative leader in your field because your business success improves the planet (like Toms Shoes); attracting top talent because they want to be part of your positive energy; or fulfilling your personal dreams of having an impact.

Every business can create wealth and improve society.

I have spent the last couple of months creating a business: Social Fire (  Today it officially opens for business in Kamloops, BC.

The company is still in its infancy, and much of what we want to do is new territory for the business community.   I am so excited that this is all actually happening – my body is practically vibrating with enthusiasm.

As I encounter hurdles, I will try to write about them.  Conquering hurdles generally results in a good story.  So far it has been one foot in front of the other.  Now that total control is no longer in my hands – the clients /marketplace will provide direction – things will get a little more interesting.

My pie in the sky goal is to be nominated as an Ashoka Fellow ( one day….  Check out my company website, fill out the survey and wish me luck.

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