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Read the whole  interview here: The Muse A-Faerian Interviews: September Kuromi’s Dual Life.

Real people, magical people, inspired people, people I have the blessing of getting to know through my work, people just like you.   In this series, they will be sharing their trials, tribulations, creative passions and reminding you of your wisdom, wonder, and even ‘normalness’.. for a creative soul, that is.

September Kuromi

Leading a dual life.

My art:

My Social Fire business:

A bit about you?

I am an ex-corporate computer programmer – I love social media, business intelligence and solving impossible programming challenges.  But now – I divide my time between three young kids, creating art and consulting on corporate volunteering/sustainable business practices.

My first love in art is horses – my second love is portraits.  I do commissions and fun pieces in pencil, plus dabbling in painting, sculpting.  I will have a little of everything at the Muse-Affair.


Why do I shy away from being an artist?  There is a perceived stigma in my mind that people will think I am a flake if I try to make a living through creating art.

I think art is one of the most valuable, instinctive and revealing things a person can create.  Humans have been creating art – in the form of music, dancing and painting since the neanderthal ages?  How is it that now that the young (in terms of evolution), destructive, modern human has decided producing and consuming goods is now a much more important and meaningful contribution to society?

Not a long post – this isn’t a fully developed thought for me.  I think this will be part 1, and I will come to it.

The painting is mine – you can see it and more of my art at

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