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I have a Facebook friend (in real life, they are an acquaintance) who feels very passionately – fanatical I might say- about a few topics. And I find the act of posting your controversial opinions on Facebook is very interesting.

For the most part, it is only acceptable for one side of the debate to respond – if someone tries to voice an alternate opinion they generally get lynch mobbed. This particular debate is on abortion – and this person is pro-life. I don’t know if I would ever have an abortion personally (well at this point in my life, I certainly won’t – but had I been faced with that choice earlier, I am not sure what I would have done) – but I have friends who have had them and I support their decision, which would make me a ‘pro-choice’ person.

This particular Facebook debater regular posts articles and opinions that are adamant and makes it clear that his words are fact, and other opinions are not acceptable.   Things like: noone should ever hold the power of life and death over another, no matter the reasons, excuses or justifications.  This statement, after the numerous other posts, makes want me want to chime in with mind opening queries, but I refrain – Facebook debates aren’t pretty.

So I did a status update – not tagged or directed anyone, but puzzling to those that might notice it.. something like “with that amount of conviction, you better be a vegetarian”.  I smile inside – I am pretty sure the person it is directed at will never see it, but it gave me some inner satisfaction.

Then I find out this person is a not only not only not a vegetarian – but they hunt!  And oppose gun control laws!  I am exploding with counter-points and questions – hence this blog post 🙂

How can you feel so strongly about abortion, yet be ok killing an animal?  How is it abhorrent to allow ‘weapons’, such as a Doctor who perform abortions, to exist in our society, but it is a ‘right’ that anyone, however unfit, be able to carry weapons which can kill instantly and indiscriminately?

I actually am dying to ask this person these questions.  But since they are only an acquaintance, I don’t really know how they would respond – so I don’t feel comfortable.   What would the conversation be like in real life?  Is this person as opinionated in an actual conversation, or does social media bring out one side of their personality?  Do they realize what kind of perception they are putting out there to the online world?  Don’t they worry about offending or annoying friends or clients?  If I was to put any counter-point on their Facebook timeline, I not only get their response – but all their friends responses as well.   I saw it happen on this person’s particular timeline – someone questioned the train of thought and the results were not pretty.

I couldn’t bring myself to respond on Facebook (I actually had a response typed once and deleted it before posting) – but as a consummate debater and consensus builder, I had to put my opinion out there.  So there it is.  If you feel like diplomatically commenting, please do – but any extremist, offensive comments will be deleted 🙂



I missed a day.  My daughter was up late last night with terrible headaches and doing my daily blog just wasn’t important.  But I do feel the need to continue the challenge.  I attended a motivational talk Bob Molle ( tonight – and I need to think about an answer to ‘why’ this challenge is important to me…

I was pretty impressed with Bob.  I have quite a few ex-olympic friends who make a portion of living sharing their secrets to success and I never bore of listening to them.

To be fair, I don’t think I can share all Bob’s secrets in my blog.  But the top two takeaways without at looking at my notes are important to share – as they will become part of my philosophy.

The first one is that everyone should know their top-3 strengths and why they are good at them.  In addition, people should focus on other people’s strengths – specifically parents and teachers when talking to their kids.  His example is a report card that looks like this: A-, A-, B, B, D – what do people, especially parents and teachers focus on??  How do you improve your D?  Screw that – when you get older you can outsource your D.  Focus on your A’s – celebrate them and develop them!  Focusing strengths, yours and others, is the biggest key to success.

The other learning was with regard to goal setting.  Everyone know how to write specific goal with dates – blah, blah heard it before.  He calls this the Functional layer of the goal.  To run a marathon you need to follow this training plan 1 year out.  It is easy, it is a formula.  The second layer – and this is the one I never considered – is , what he calls, the Being layer.  Most of your proudest accomplishments and best times were achieved with people by your side – family, friends, mentors.  You should consider this when formulating your goal – who needs to be involved?  And finally the Will layer.  Why are you doing this – which loops back to my opening sentence…

Soooo, why am I doing this blog-per-day challenge?  A few reasons…  I want to build on my creativity in general.  Pushing the limits of creative production often produces interesting stuff.  So blogging EVERYDAY, even when I feel totally tapped out for ideas, will inevitably bring about some great, new ideas.  The other reason, honestly is to build a following.  To operate at any kind of international level with my business I need to have a strong community of followers online.

So many people dream of writing a book.  And in the old days, there was one way to do it – write your book.

But now, with the plethora of newsletters, magazines and especially blogs, you can just write.  No direction, just bang out words and people will read it.  It is like test driving your writing ability before actually committing to anything.  I think that is so cool.  And the even better part, is no matter how amateur you are, someone is bound to like your drivel and that is motivation to keep going.

One the flipside – this kind of writing wanders.  With a book you generally have a beginning and end and it follows a logical progression.  And some articles or blogs are like that too.  But lots are just ramblings, off in whatever direction catches your fancy.

I like that, but I feel lost too.

But for this blog, I am definitely focusing on not staying with a theme.  I am testing the waters of writing.  What feels good?  What will other people read?  What elicits a response?  No beginning and end.

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