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I missed a day.  My daughter was up late last night with terrible headaches and doing my daily blog just wasn’t important.  But I do feel the need to continue the challenge.  I attended a motivational talk Bob Molle ( tonight – and I need to think about an answer to ‘why’ this challenge is important to me…

I was pretty impressed with Bob.  I have quite a few ex-olympic friends who make a portion of living sharing their secrets to success and I never bore of listening to them.

To be fair, I don’t think I can share all Bob’s secrets in my blog.  But the top two takeaways without at looking at my notes are important to share – as they will become part of my philosophy.

The first one is that everyone should know their top-3 strengths and why they are good at them.  In addition, people should focus on other people’s strengths – specifically parents and teachers when talking to their kids.  His example is a report card that looks like this: A-, A-, B, B, D – what do people, especially parents and teachers focus on??  How do you improve your D?  Screw that – when you get older you can outsource your D.  Focus on your A’s – celebrate them and develop them!  Focusing strengths, yours and others, is the biggest key to success.

The other learning was with regard to goal setting.  Everyone know how to write specific goal with dates – blah, blah heard it before.  He calls this the Functional layer of the goal.  To run a marathon you need to follow this training plan 1 year out.  It is easy, it is a formula.  The second layer – and this is the one I never considered – is , what he calls, the Being layer.  Most of your proudest accomplishments and best times were achieved with people by your side – family, friends, mentors.  You should consider this when formulating your goal – who needs to be involved?  And finally the Will layer.  Why are you doing this – which loops back to my opening sentence…

Soooo, why am I doing this blog-per-day challenge?  A few reasons…  I want to build on my creativity in general.  Pushing the limits of creative production often produces interesting stuff.  So blogging EVERYDAY, even when I feel totally tapped out for ideas, will inevitably bring about some great, new ideas.  The other reason, honestly is to build a following.  To operate at any kind of international level with my business I need to have a strong community of followers online.

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