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Do you have a thousand Internet bookmarks?  Do you struggle to keep track of the cool resources and articles you find on the web?  Delicious is for you!

It is an bookmarking tool that lets you easily organize 100’s bookmarks with tags.  The more tags you use the more meaningful your lists are.  It has a plugin for Firefox, so it can fully replace the built-in Bookmark functionality.  And even cooler – you share your bookmark list with others.

I do find the Delicious website a bit clunky but the plug-in is amazing and my bookmarks are easily accessible, sorted in a meaningful all the time and saved online in the cloud (so not computer dependent).

Here is a graphic of my tag cloud for all my bookmarks:

And if you are curious – you can check out my complete list of Delicious bookmarks on the website:

A very cool tool for those who use the Internet like a library, coach or daily newspaper.

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