Re-posted from – this project is my focus right now!  If you live in Kamloops you need to be part of this 🙂

There is some fantastic work going on around us!  From donating blood, to helping neighbours, to fundraising, to chairing events.  Here is the list:

Spirit Razors 7,882
Team City of Kamloops 1 7,609
Team Pay It Forward 7,478
All Russian & No Finnish 2,932
The Giving Green Team 2,546
Team TS Crew 1,799
Team Kamloops Fire & Rescue 1,670
Team * Fantastic 1,174
Jen Leredrock 791
Jampact 573
BMR Can Crushers 559
Team Fresh Inc 541
Republic of Congo Bongos 493
Team TRU Advancement 432
The Young Guns 243
Surrey Saviours 161
The Dream Team  time to enter your points…

Remember, this is a ‘per capita’ points tally – all the points earned by the team divided by the number of team members.

Some highlights:

  • Team * Fantastic answered the call several time to help out when agencies reached out to the CSR Olympics with requests for help
  • Team City of Kamloops had a member be the volunteer chair for the RIH Foundation Gala
  • The teams from NRI have tallied up a combined 13,418 points – imagine the total impact those employees have on the community!
  • The Boob Tour ( is chaired by a member of the Pay it Forward team
  • CSR Olympic team members volunteered over 200 hours at RibFest (and counting – not everyone has entered their hours yet)
  • The Giving Green team is almost completely responsible for the success of theICS Ending Youth at Risk fundraising event

Keep ‘em coming.  And if you want to support all this good work – buy a ticket to the FUNraiser on Sept 7th to celebrate with the teams (ticket for sale online:

I often spend mental cycles in my vehicle planning my day, trying to remember everything I need to remember and figuring out what I need to do next.  It is common to make a 15 minute routine drive and not remember  seeing anything – just a robot with a brain that is occupied elsewhere.  Add 3 kids into the mix and I am generally not ‘present’ when driving.  I never feel dangerous (except when the kids are fighting or screaming), just mentally busy.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the ...

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.
– Eckhart Tolle

Recently, I read the ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and decided to start experimenting with his philosophy.  Just be really present – notice what is going on around me and listen for the silences.  And the time I seem to heed his word the most – is when I am driving.  In a car with music blaring and kids wrestling, I struggle to hear the silence outside the car – but I do focus on every inch of the road as I drive.   And I get better at it as I practice.

I still snap at the kids and I haven’t turned into an enlightened being yet – but something has changed.  Two things have changed.

Time has slowed down.  Almost like when I was a child and a 15 minute recess was an enormous amount of time to have fun.  If I focus on the present and don’t obsess about: what will happen next, or how many minutes are left in my drive until I am late, or how am I possible going to achieve all the things I set out to do in the limited time I have to them.  If I look at the trees, notice the other driver’s expressions, see all the different colours of cars around me – time slows down.  And not just for that time I am in the car.  Now my days seem longer, the summer is stretching out, and I feel like I have an infinite amount of time to get stuff done.

And that last point is the second thing that has changed.  I don’t stress about ‘what needs to be done’.  There are still times when I start thinking of the thousand tasks – from laundry to banking to consulting tasks – that  I have to do, and I quickly feel overwhelmed and panicked.  The familiar stressful feeling that time is short, accomplishments seem few and far between and the needs of many pull me into pieces.  But then I remember to take a breath and observe and think (or stop thinking) – only ‘now’ matters.  And I relax and am able to trust that I will get everything that NEEDS to be done, done.

So the key for me – is not to “focus on the positive” or “don’t dwell on problems, worries or failures” or “think only on solutions that I have an influence on”.  The key for me  – is to not think at all.


You can find all the info you need about this SnM Party here or on the Facebook invite; and if you are super hip you can follow the hashtag #SnMKuromi on Twitter.

SnM T-Shirt - Crock of ShirtWe have Crock of Shirt designed shirts for sale this year!  Which is great, but even better – you can order your shirt (size & colour) at the party before 8pm and they will be delivered to the SnM party at 10pm!!  Impulse purchases are the best 🙂   T-shirts are $25 and come in red, grey, black & pink.  A portion of the t-shirt sales will go to the Rob Horne Scholarship.


Link to the Propositions Pool $5 per entry, you can enter as many times as you like – even if you can’t attend the party.   All entry fees go to the Rob Horne Scholarship.



July 20th at the Kuromi Residence
Pool & keg open at noon
Dinner at 6pm
Kids welcome until 8pm

We are going to play a few games you may not have heard of – like Björrsbie and Neglin – and we will be setting up a virtual video link to parties in Iceland, and possibly in France & Fiji, to get us all together again.  The favorites will be back as well, including the money wheel and the fear-factor milkshake.

Crack the keg at noon and it goes until…   Kids welcome until 8pm and bring your bathing suit.

Dinner is BBQ chicken legs, whole carrots and celery, baby potatoes on a stick, fresh buns & dessert squares.  In the Viking spirit eating only with your hands is encouraged – but there will be some plates & cutlery available for the faint of heart.

$25 entrance fee gets you in.
$15 for dinner.  RSVP to by Wed. July 17th at 5pm



(September ‘n Mike)

This is a repost from my business blog:

Journey with Arnel Pineda

The band Journey with lead singer Arnel Pineda

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey?  I am sure there are a few, but most people I know love it.  It is a ballad for the ages, and Steve Perry has a fantastic voice.

The story of Journey’s current resurgence in popularity and the discovery of their current lead singer all starts with YouTube 🙂

In the 90’s Steve Perry split from Journey permanently and the band was in limbo for many years.  Hiring lead singers then splitting up.  They did a few tours with these replacements but nothing clicked.

Then, in June 2007, Neal Schon of Journey, saw a video of Arnel Pineda of the Philippines doing covers of Journey songs with his band the Zoo.  He was invited to audition in California and on Dec 5 2007 he was officially announced as the new lead singer of Journey!

Arnel had a long and moderately successful music career in Asia.  He had some successes – recording with Warner Brothers in 1999, and low points – living on the streets for a couple years as a teenager.  He has been the lead singer for Journey now for 5 years, their latest album, Revelations, went Platinum and the band is excited about the chemistry they have and are looking forward to the future.

The moral of the story.  It is astounding how social media has made the world so much smaller.  A few search terms and a little patience and you can find people who resonate with you anywhere in the world.  Arnel probably never would have been discovered if it wasn’t for the reach of YouTube.

It seems that the smaller your niche, the more power social media holds for you.

If you have a rare illness, the internet is often the first place you find clues, answers and peers.  If you are an artist with a flare for online presentation – you can find your audience.

To use social media effectively, to the point of outrageous success like Arnel Pineda or Gangnam Style is not a formula that you can easily replicate.  Each success is easy to analyze in retrospect, but impossible to predict.  It reminds me of the books Outliers or Blue Ocean Strategy – both analyze success stories with the impeccable perspective of hindsight.  But is it possible to use any of those lessons to create your own unimaginable success?

All those stories are out there – the carrot on the stick.  Be creative, keep trying, be true to yourself and put yourself out there again and again and again.

To see a remarkable video of Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry singing together (Steve in a video – not on stage), to appreciate how remarkable the match is, watch this:

Do you have a thousand Internet bookmarks?  Do you struggle to keep track of the cool resources and articles you find on the web?  Delicious is for you!

It is an bookmarking tool that lets you easily organize 100’s bookmarks with tags.  The more tags you use the more meaningful your lists are.  It has a plugin for Firefox, so it can fully replace the built-in Bookmark functionality.  And even cooler – you share your bookmark list with others.

I do find the Delicious website a bit clunky but the plug-in is amazing and my bookmarks are easily accessible, sorted in a meaningful all the time and saved online in the cloud (so not computer dependent).

Here is a graphic of my tag cloud for all my bookmarks:

And if you are curious – you can check out my complete list of Delicious bookmarks on the website:

A very cool tool for those who use the Internet like a library, coach or daily newspaper.

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