A friend riding my horse

My Horse

My name is September and I live in Kamloops, BC.

All The Doors is an exploration of all the possibilities that lay infront of this average, successful, middle class Canadian.

They say if you find your true passion you can achieve your dreams and love doing it.  I have explored many paths – here are some of my passions: nature, horses (I am a very talented rider), skiing (any sport really), my kids (of course), travelling, volunteering, drawing, hosting awesome events (like parties, weddings, educational – whatever), meeting and connecting people, solving intellectual problems, gardening and learning new things.  How do I pick one?

These are all my doors.

I have opened many of them…  One door takes you to my business: Social Fire Consulting (www.socialfire.ca) which is growing and changing everyday.  Another door will take you to my artwork: September’s Equine Art and Portraits (septembersart.wordpress.com).  And the biggest doors will take you into my home with my family.    I will continue to explore – I am the consumate adventurer and renaissance soul.