Yesterday I turned 40.  According to some, I am now officially 1/2 way to the end.

There used to be a special kind of person who remembered everyone’s birthday every year.  They always called or sent a card – they made sure at least someone remembered you.  I always wanted to be one of those people, but I never remembered to notice birthdays.  Heck, there were a few years that I forgot to call my parents on their birthday.   That would be the difference between those special people and me :S

But now there is Facebook.  And it reminds everyone of everyone’s birthday.  And now all you need to it write Happy Birthday ‘on their wall’ and you can feel like one of those special people.  But how do you pick who to say happy birthday to?  Do you do it for every single ‘friend’?  Only people you like?  Maybe just randomly?  Regardless – the deluge of birthday wishes, with the occasional compliment or poem is actually quite sweet.  As easy as it, I find it touching.  It is making ‘that special  person who always remembers’ something of the past though – kind of like the mixed tapes you used to make for someone when you were flirting with them.

And as a 40 year old, I do feel a little old.  I mainly wonder if I stand out like a sore thumb, or rather like a cougar, at the bar when I go out dancing once in a blue moon.  Or if I can still pretend that I am 20ish and noone notices…

I love my birthday celebration, I love surprises and apparently I will be surprised tomorrow, eek, I am excited.  I love my birthday because it is the only time I get the world to revolve around me.  This is what “I” want for dinner.  This is what “I” want to do today.  Normally I make sure everyone else is happy first – but today (well yesterday, and I will string it out to tomorrow as well) I am a lot more selfish than usual.

So thank for all the birthday wishes.  And Happy Birthday to you too (take it early or belated), because even with Facebook, I will probably forget to wish you Happy Birthday.  And here is to another 40 years 🙂