Shot-ski for 10!

On August 18th the 9th annual SnM (September ‘n Mike – get your mind out of the gutter) took place.  All the invites said 10th annual – but I was a little enthusiastic.  Mike and I have been together for 10 years – but this was actually only the 9th year we had a big annual party.

Anyway- what you all really want to know is how the party went.  It was extremely entertaining – there was a little vomit, some lovin’ , a friend all the way from San Fransisco, a lot of spaghetti, some amazing wine, a guest in a wheelchair wearing his speedo, good friends – old and new,  and a shotski with 10 people on it (2 skis long attached end to end).

We raised $500 for the Rob Horne Memorial Scholarship Fund – not bad for a backyard keg party.

Here are the results of the Fundraising Questionnaire: – which was won by Stu Wymer, he only got one wrong – it helps that he was willing to wear a speedo all night.

And, just a quick aside – if you are interested in helping another friend of ours and buying some amazing artwork (September’s art will be there) – check out the Silent Auction for Janet Whitehead this Saturday, Sept 1st, evening at the Art We Are.

A quick thank you to a bunch of people who helped us host the SnM party this year: Todd, Chris, Andrina, Brock, Trudy, Orion, Holly, Sal (and Cam), Ian, Andrea, Matt, Kelly and everyone who attended.

Until next year, or maybe next week, thanks for the great times everyone.