I have a new respect for actors.  In the past couple of months I have been on ‘screen’ twice.  Both in a way that would be watched by a lot of people (or at least that was the plan).

Here are some of the things I have learned.

Keep my hands still.  Fidgeting and talking with your hands too much detracts from people’s comprehension of what your saying.  I still have no idea what exactly to do with my hands – where should I put them without looking awkward.  And I think about it the whole time – a silent mantra saying ‘keep me hands still’.  Just like my ‘don’t say “um”‘ mantra.

Smile – a lot.  People who are really focused and serious – look nervous and grumpy.  Smile, smile and smile some more and it looks like you want to be there and are happy to share your message.  This is hard to do when focusing on not moving your hands, or saying um.

It is REALLY hard to speak memorized lines, while smiling, keeping your hands, and not saying um.  For my advertisement video – I read a line of script, then said it out loud from memory.  Who knew if required so much brain capacity to memorize, speak clearly, smile, keep your hands still and not say um!

Like all thing, practice makes it easier.  And I am getting that.  But in the meantime I watch screen personalities with a new respect.  It requires a lot of mental focus to look good on screen.

If you want to judge for yourself – watch my advertisement video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHecpxPLy6U  I would love your feedback – good and bad!