This one is fairly recent – not a childhood belief, but a more recent, ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’ belief. The one dumb thing I used to believe is is that you need to focus on one single thing to be successful.

As I struggled with my career, pouring more energy into succeeding as an IT professional in a corporation, I couldn’t figure out my penultimate career goal – do I want to be a manager, switch fields, blah blah blah.  It was all along the same thread – one job, one focus.

Now I switched fields, but I still love IT and could go back to it.  The real thing I realized is that I am also an artist, a community activist, a horseback rider and a networker.  Now that I spend time ‘focusing’ on all those different things I feel way more fulfilled.  A single focus, no matter what I found, would never  have satisfied all my different strengths and whims.

A really cool book helped me celebrate that fact in myself.  It is called ‘The Renaissance Soul’ by Margaret Lobenstine and you can buy it from my Amazon store –  I always knew this about myself – but it so satisfying to read someone elses words describing exactly what I feel.