Well it was more like a creative exercise done at my computer – but it will be a dream of mine from now on.

Imagine that you can’t watch TV alone anymore.

If there is only one person in the room it shuts off.  When TVs first hit the scene they were a magnet for people getting together – it was a social event.   This new requirement will be built into all TVs – someone needs to be with you if you want to watch it. The result – old or lonely people can no longer sit by themselves in front of the TV.  Kids need a parent or friend with them. They need get a partner or do something else.

Advertising will be revolutionized – companies will see a way to reach their audience and honour it at the time.  The ads are few and intelligent (showing only relevant shit and not in constant repetition).

And then add in that there are regular ‘breaks’. These pauses may have a suggestive question on the screen to promote dialogue, fun or critical thought. Positive messaging is pervasive. Opportunities and encouragements to get involved in your community are always being shown.

Of course, if you are super wealthy, you can buy special TVs that let you watch by yourself. So the top 1% who can watch solitary TV can sit and watch by themself. But they quickly become bored with the outside world and they squander their wealth.

Sounds like fun to me.