As I walked in the door from some morning errands – what do I do now was running though my mind.

I am exhausted from a week of kids not sleeping well and a bad cold – so I want to take a nap; I would really like to get out for a run, and I can effectively replace sleep with exercise to keep my energy level up – so I should get my shoes on and go, and it is lunchtime – maybe I should eat first. Then, I think, I’ll just check in my emails/facebook/twitter first, then decide what to do.

That’s it! When I have a good plan, a few deadlines and goals in front of me the ‘social networking’ sites hold no allure. But when I am trying to figure out what to do next – it is much easier to distract myself with mindless information. Even deciding what to eat for breakfast or make for dinner will make me check my email. Why is a decision point a distraction attraction?

Hopefully now that I noticed this strange phenomenon, I will learn to just hurry up and decide – any decision is better than wasting time…