We have this tradition of Man Day – going on 6 years!  Today was a prep night – so my kitchen was full of friends, fish, and chocolate quinoa cupcakes.  I wish I had a picture – I will get one tomorrow.

My husband and some of our friends like to fish for Salmon in the Thompson River and occasionally take a trip to the ocean to get some beauties.  We collect these fish in our freezer all year – and on Man Day in late October we smoke ’em, can ’em and turn some into Lox.  We make moose jerky and some years we make pie or dry fruit.

Where am I going with this?

I was trying to think of something that made me smile today.  And having all these people working together to harvest and process local food as a cooperative in my kitchen made me smile.  Lots of laughs, drinks, yummy food and kids running around.

Everybody likes traditions.  Especially the unique ones that you can claim as your own.  Some holidays (ahem – Christmas!) are full of traditions that drive me nuts and that I want to replace with my own (so far unsuccessfully).  I treasure the ones that spawn outside the box and take on a life of their own and help define my life.  But it is surprisingly hard to purposely create traditions.

Some other traditions I treasure:
-random care packages from my mom
-Thanksgiving with my brother
-the annual SnM party (SnM = September and Mike – not whatever you were thinking)
-Man Day
-pink rice on Valentines day
-green rice on St Patricks day
-New Year’s Eve fondue dinner with my family (no more drunken feista’s of smooching with anyone in reach for me)
-constant impromptu swim parties in our backyard in the summer (whether we are home or not)

They help define who we are as a social group and as a family.  What are your traditions?