Continuing on the theme of last post… why do I want to Social Fire ( to succeed? For those who don’t know – it is my consulting business where I assist companies with corporate volunteering, making the most of their business’ social conscious and consulting on CSR.

I actually think about it while driving a lot.  Why, why, why – aside from the completely obvious, which is to make a living with a flexible job.  But if money was only reason I would be an IT consultant building websites, financial applications and business intelligence solutions.  Been there, done that.

Why do this?  Because I love getting people involved and excited.  I am in the initial stages of planning a Timeraiser ( for Kamloops and I am partnering with Volunteer Kamloops.  She is a little hesitant, but when I walk out of there knowing I have activated her and raised her level enthusiasm, I walk out happy.

I did the Strengths Finder 2.0 ‘test’ a few years ago (buy it from my store: and upon learning results I could attack projects with a new enthusiasm and purpose.  Once I read my strengths, I wasn’t surprised, but being able to put them eloquently into words was a huge relief.  This also talks to some of Bob Molle’s points from last night.  Know what you are good at – your top 3, and why.  Know this in the context of life, and in the context of whatever game you entering – be it a meeting or a wrestling match.

So the other reason for being passionate about Social Fire, is the love of connecting things to create something fantastic.  When I help people get a job or a contract – I smile for weeks afterwards.  When I am able to mediate a conversation and help people see other points of view I am so satisfied.  I feel like if I can tap into everyone’s desire to do good, and activate their sense of responsibility – then connect them all to the right cause or people, we can make our community – any community – totally fulfilled.

Here’s to dreaming – with a purpose…