I hate horror movies.   My kids to do.  Mike likes them and I will never understand why – if he rents one, he watches it alone.

I didn’t watch much tv as a kid, and even less movies.  My kids are in the same boat.  So I think we haven’t been desensitized to the gory images, the crazy suspense and the evil motivations.  To us they are still totally shocking.  In addition to to being sensitive due to lack of exposure – I also know I have overdeveloped sense of empathy.  So that definitely does not help matters.

The suspense parts are so unreal and heart-pounding I feel like I am going to explode.  When would we ever naturally be exposed to that kind of stress?  Hunting a wild animal in the jungle, going to war…  I haven’t been in those situations and sitting on the couch living those feelings seems ridiculous and not at all enjoyable.

The death, blood and evil motivations keep me thinking for hours, even days after a movie. I know it is JUST a movie, but I relive the feelings and images as if they could have been real.  What would it feel like?  How could someone think of doing that?

I wonder if being sensitive to extravagant media, which is increasingly pervasive in our society, will have an effect on how my kids integrate into society?  Will it matter?  Will they be at a disadvantage because they are more affected by graphic than other kids?

Fantasty, action films seem to be ok – I guess they are far-fetched enough that I don’t relate to them on a real-world level.  But films like Seven!!  I get nightmares watching the trailer (and I will never watch the movie).  How do people dream this stuff up, then how do they have the stamina to imagine the details an re-enact it?  It is so far out of my context, I can’t even begin to visualize it.

Romantic comedy and fun fantasy – happy ending required.  Or no movie at all and go for a run or sit by the fire.