I remember when ‘old’ people used to listen to CBC and I thought it SOOO boring.  I guess that means I am now officially old – I enjoy CBC radio.

I forget about it often.  When my kids are in the car it is all about Top 40 music, my husband likes to listen to his CD’s and I am usually too distracted to change the channel.  Until some annoying advertisement comes on, and then I remember to change the channel to CBC Radio 1.

The bad thing is now I pull up to an appointment or in my driveway – and I sit in the car for another 5-10 minutes listening to the end of whatever show is on.  How much time am I now killing in a day getting sucked into radio shows?  Whatever, not a big deal.  We don’t have television, so I am sure this is filling a void in my life for some regular entertainment.

What has changed in myself though?  Why do kids and young adults tune talk radio out – but adults find it engaging?

A big part of it is context.  Politics, the stories behind the music, cultural differences, adult humour – aren’t part of most young people’s experiences so far.  But it is still funny looking at myself and seeing myself complete this rite of passage.  One more step of me noticing I have become my parents – right up there with eating Santa’s milk and cookies, cooking Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings myself, doing the family dinner dishes at 1am and becoming familiar with the term ‘executor’.

What other things make you step back and look at yourself and make you realize you are now the older generation?  In a reflective way – not the grey hair and wrinkles.