My first Tweet Chat was an enlightening experience.  It was hosted by Changemakers and it was about women’s progress in the world.  It was neat to see the Twitter format in action and gratifying to see your thoughts echoed by others.

I liked the questions so much I am writing them in a post with my answers along with a few others that resonated with me.

Q1: Who are the women that inspire you and why?

  • Fiona Macaulay at is a friend who inspires me

Q2: What are the most pressing challenges for women and girls in your country?

  • By @alliance4Girls: Resisting capitalism in forging a multi-issue, complex, and encompassing movement for global justice.

Q3: What are key factors that need to be taken into account in order to improve opportunities for women?

  • Connecting girls to mentors and resources – always insuring they know where to turn for assistance or to blaze a path
  • as a parent 2 girls I see all this advice – will I raise them to be confident and wise? Parental responsibility is huge.

Q4: How can #men help create a stronger, healthier world for #women?

  • By @stacymcoy: Would help if we all think of each other as people first. Not men vs. women. We’re in this together & share responsibility

Q5: How can female social entrepreneurs balance their personal life, work and families?

  • be clear on “why” for every thing you do.

Q6: What advice would you offer to a young woman wanting to change her community, country or world?

  • Do what you say you are going to do – the rest will follow.

I am just starting to ‘get’ Twitter – and it is starting to really grab my interest.  It is an overload of information that is hard to sift through, but when you find something meaningful there is this instant access to so many people that is great.  Hopefully I don’t waste too much time on it….