Crayon Tips

Now I need to brainstorm with pencil crayons

In the past few months I have been introduced to a new community of very successful people.  It all started with me engaging a life coach, the amazing Janet Whitehead (, and it grew from there.

This community label themselves as right brain or creative entrepreneurs and they approach traditional business differently.   Some examples are,, – all quite successful people around the world who are executing their business a little differently than most.  Their focus is on listening to their creative side and propelling it into a successful business.

I come from a very left brain adult career.  I have a BSc with a triple minor in Math, Physics and Chemistry and I have worked in computer programming for 14 years.  But, before that I wanted to get a BA in Fine Art and I did a year in England getting my Fine Arts A-level, so there is an artist hiding in me somewhere, an artist who hasn’t done much in 30 years (ugh – 30 years!).

Anyway, a couple of things have sort of ‘rocked my view’ of the world in the past couple of months.  One of them is how many people are out there, being very successful, by proudly displaying all of the true colours.  And part of the reason for this is that technology has made so many different people so reachable.  We all know this, we hear people talking about it all the time – but when you finally see first hand the effect it could have one your own personal success it really hits home.

The other aha moment is how much fun it is to combine creativity with any task, no matter how logical it may be.  All of a sudden I can’t brainstorm on my laptop anymore – I need big sheets of paper and pencil crayons.  But the ideas roll of my tongue now and I can tackle daunting tasks with a smile and renewed confidence.

The title of the blog is ‘the new communities’ – because in the context of starting my own business, it is these new communities that are having a big impact on me.  I am learning that you can create any product or idea, and if you can put it out there in cyber space with passion and authenticity, then you will find a market.  That is a really cool opportunity.  Everyone I talk to in my “real” circle of friends is totally focused on ROI, business plans and pleasing the customer.  These are all obviously important concepts – but this big carrot of reaching people who really want to buy exactly what you want to sell, without compromise is very appealing – and new to me.

The Goddess Guidebook, for example, is probably not that marketable in the small town where the creator lives – but with passion and a smile she has reached out to the world and found 1000’s of customers who totally appreciate her work.  I am not one of her customers – and if I met her and saw her product a year ago I would have shook my head at it.  But seeing her success shows the accessibility we now have to all sorts of different communities of people and some of these communities are individuals scattered around the globe.  Without the Internet, these spread out collections of individuals would never be able to join together and strengthen their talents.

It is a new paradigm for me – I feel like I have just joined a new cult and my friends are rolling their eyes at me.  I am having fun though.