I am most content at the edge of a grove of trees.  The smell of the leaves, the symphony of sounds, the colours – they all talk to me.   I feel completely at peace and can just observe.   I am always happy there and try to find and mingle in these spaces whenever the opportunity arises.

I fantasize about living in a quaint cabin in a grassy plain – miles from anyone.  Living off the land, communing with nature and contemplating the beauty that surrounds me.  There are animals and occasional visitors in this vision.

The one piece of this dream that is with me everywhere I go is the weather.  Wind, sun, rain, cold, heat, snow – nature surrounds you everywhere you go.  Interacting with the land, even in urban areas.  It changes everything – almost like makeovers change a person – the colour of the landscape, how comfortable you feel.  And if you just breath and notice the changes you feel so connected to mother nature.

Through our feet, through the ground we all connected to one another.  The air we breathe circulates the planet and is shared by everything.  Weather connects us, unites us- we all talk about it incessantly.  It is the last vestige of once revered connection to mother nature; a safe, fluid constant in our lives which we all are affected by.  I find the concept of sealed, weatherproof homes repulsive and the open air homes common in the tropics delightful.

This part of me think economics is foolish and I can’t figure out its place in the rush of a career focused life.  But it also the calmest, wisest part of me.   I can find instant peace and relaxation by going outside to take the garbage out, just because I get to feel the weather on my face.