Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies


Recently I heard the phrase – ‘…do what makes your eyes sparkle’.  I can picture a content face, a smirk and the laugh lines around sparkling eyes.

It was such a  vivid image I wanted it to stay.  How can I have that feeling all the time?

Eyes don’t sparkle while watching tv – unless you are laughing.   Eyes don’t sparkle when you are commuting in your car – unless you have friend driving and you are telling he how cool your weekend will be.  Eyes don’t sparkle when you are stressed and concentrating – until the magical solution comes together.

How can I see these opportunities all the time.  At least everyday – I know they are there.  Last night my eyes sparkled at freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Today, when I finished my run I felt light and loose, but I don’t think I was sparkling.

So here is my challenge to myself.  I will find one thing everyday that sparkles and I will smile, and I will write it down.  7 days, 7 diamonds.  I will report back.