I have trouble making decisions.  That isn’t the exact phrase, I mean more like I have trouble forging a new path or purposefully changing direction.

I am extremely adaptable and can manage pretty much anything you throw at me.  So I tend to just wander through life jumping at attractive opportunities when they appear and making the best of whatever situation I am in.

I have reached an impasse.  The shiny opportunities aren’t as plentiful, or they are harder to ‘wander into’ with 3 kids, a mortgage and a husband.  So I have carved this rut with really high walls – and I need to purposefully align my skills and bust out of it.  Aligning my skills, being purposeful and forging a new path are not my strong point – I instantly feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Then someone gave me this fantastic visual tool.  Imagine I am made up of all these different people, who all need to agree on a choice – like a committee of personalities that makes up me.

I know, I sound like a whacko with a personality disorder.  But really – I have always felt a dichotomy between many of skills, desires and ideas.  And this image seemed to capture and accommodate this feeling so well.

So it was born – my visionary team.  9 (!!) personalities that can be called upon in any given situation to take the lead and make sure I excel at whatever it is.  They can also be consulted when ideas and opportunities come up and I can better evaluate if or how to make it happen.

I am going to write about each one.