So many people dream of writing a book.  And in the old days, there was one way to do it – write your book.

But now, with the plethora of newsletters, magazines and especially blogs, you can just write.  No direction, just bang out words and people will read it.  It is like test driving your writing ability before actually committing to anything.  I think that is so cool.  And the even better part, is no matter how amateur you are, someone is bound to like your drivel and that is motivation to keep going.

One the flipside – this kind of writing wanders.  With a book you generally have a beginning and end and it follows a logical progression.  And some articles or blogs are like that too.  But lots are just ramblings, off in whatever direction catches your fancy.

I like that, but I feel lost too.

But for this blog, I am definitely focusing on not staying with a theme.  I am testing the waters of writing.  What feels good?  What will other people read?  What elicits a response?  No beginning and end.