I can see my blog evolving into some kind of social commentary.  Not sure if I enough to say to keep that stream forever, but for now I like it.  It is just so interesting to see how ourselves, our communities and our countries have evolved.

I guess I would call myself a runner.  I did track pretty competitively as a teenager and I am currently training to definitely run a 1/2 marathon, and hopefully run a full marathon next year.  However, as my daughter bluntly pointed out, I spend most of my time jogging slowly – not running!

Everyone knows this: eat well and get regular exercise and you will be healthy.  Rocket science!  Any of us who have tried regular exercise, know it can be hard to get out the door, but afterwards we feel great.  And if we are in a rhythm of regular exercise and eating well – we feel great, more energy, healthier, all that stuff.

So why is it that bad habits pull people in like gravity?  Why does my brain say ‘I am tired, stop running now’ all the time, when if I keep going I will be better off in so many ways?

For me it is the great mystery of our generation.  Laziness is easy and we are so attracted to it.  Eating is so gratifying and we are programmed to love salt, sugar and fat.  How is this an evolutionary advantage?  It is more like a self-destruct mechanism…

I generally like people and can find good in everyone.  This is perhaps my darkest opinion of humankind.  I think it will be impossible to get millions of people to wake up and take responsibility for the state of their bodies.  Something in human nature is working against us in this one regard.

Can you imagine if people had to run and play everyday.  What if it was a priority on everyone’s list all the time, naturally, like sleep.  But most of us, anywhere in the world, given the opportunity, would prefer to sit down more.

What if eating past full and binging on junk food was naturally repulsive.  And lemons were more delicious then sugar.

There are a lot of problems in our world that are really complex, both how they evolved and how to possibly solve them.  But this one is a done deal – our brain is old fashioned, with instincts that completely work against us in an efficient, modern society.  To be healthy, an individual needs to put in a concerted effort for their entire life to work against those instincts. The cards are stacked against us.

What do you think?